G. Michael Price

Christian, Entrepeneur, Musican, and Author

G Michael Price is a father, author, international motivational speaker, philanthropist, successful entrepreneur, and visionary ahead of the curve with a big vision for the future. With every milestone he reaches in his business journey, a new addition appears in his intellectual portfolio. His latest accomplishments have resulted in this book, Chase People, Not Money.

G Michael’s mission is to help people connect the dots and find the missing pieces to the puzzles of life; he feels a call to serve those who are built for success and only waiting for the right playbook to guide them.

G Michael restarted his life in 2000 and again in 2010. Both times he was left with absolutely nothing but his self-respect and the instructions for success. All he needed to speedily reassemble his multi-million-dollar company and create his dream life once again was his mindset and the right approach to the human race.

G Michael is living proof than anyone can rise above trying circumstances. When slowly dying from a lung injury, hearing that he was not going to make it by doctor after doctor, he held fast to what he knew and refused to give up. He not only survived, but in so doing reached yet another milestone on his path to bettering the lives of others.

His motto? “Every day is a gift.”